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Information about MonikaG.Costumes


Disclaimer: This is my first website and I am very excited about it! Please bear with me as I learn about website design, inserting links, graphic, etc.


I created this website mainly for the assignments of my History of Fashion and Dress class, a free online class for self-directed study authored by Tara Maginnis, Ph.D.


I am a drama therapist in California and in the process of acquiring theatre experience for the national registration (RDT), I found my passion -- costum design and construction. I am taking the History of Fashion and Dress class to learn about period costume so that I will be able to study, design, and construct such costumes myself.






Assignment Week #2 Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome: Online research for Egyptian jewelry.


Here are some ancient examples of the jewelry:


Jewellery of Ancient Egypt

Has a timeline and elaborates on jewelry motifs, symbolism, and the various materials used for jewelry-making, along with some fine illustrations, e.g., Tutanhkamun pendant and 19th Dynasty inlaid diadem/wig.


Ancient Egypt: Personal Ornaments

Extensive study of personal adornment including jewelry, bracelets, earrings, earstuds, finger rings, collars, pectorals, body painting, with illustrations and interspersed with historic quotations.


Here are modern reproductions for costumers:


Nilestone Pharaohs Fashion

Beautiful jewelry for sale including scarab jewelry and personalized cartouches (your name transcribed in hieroglyphs). Also elaborates on materials, color symbolism.


I would like to include these how-to links for the costumer with a low budget:


How to Make Egyptian Queen Crowns

How to Make Egyptian Jewelry




Last updated: 12-28-2010